About us in English

  • 23/05/2010

Leo Club Weert Montmorency?
We started in April 2010 with an enthusiastic group of four people with this initiative to help the community surrounding us, and to develop our own competencies. Our sponsor lions club is “Lions Club Weert Graafschap Horne”. The 25th June 2011 we had our charternight with 13 new leo’s. Together with 60 other leo clubs we had our charter in June 2011.

What LEO’s are?
A LEO club is a group of young people which are in the age of 18 to 35 years. We meet on a regular basis to organize activities to support all kinds of projects. A LEO Club is also an opportunity to get into contact with different people, share your experiences and expand your horizon.

LEO stands for : Leadership, Experience and Opportunity.

For the organization of all kinds of activities LEO Club commissions are formed. Each of these commissions fulfill their own assignments. Members are given the opportunity to develop and improve their organization skills in a kind environment and gain experience. As a LEO you get the opportunity to deploy and help the people that are in need of this help.

What do LEO’s do?
We help the people in the society who need help by collecting money and providing voluntary work. Some examples are cycling-tours, concerts, festivals, wine tasting evenings or gala parties. LEO Clubs can offer support that can not be reached by individual persons. Apart from these objectives there are more than enough occasions for sociable activities like going out for diner, club-weekends- and parties within your own LEO Club, but also together with other LEO Clubs.

Want to meet?
In case you want to visit one of our Leo Club meetings as an individual or as a club, please contact us at info@leoclubweert.nl. We are always looking forward to seeing  members from different nationalities and other Leo clubs!

Furthermore, in case your leo club is interested becoming a twinning club please contact us at president@leoclubweert.nl